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VHS Grade Pricing

Turnaround times are estimated and subject to change. All prices are per tape.

Grading | Super Express

$75 /tape
Turnaround time:
5 business days

Grading | Express

$50 /tape
Turnaround time:
30 business days

Grading | Standard

$40 /tape
Turnaround time:
45 business days

Grading + Subgrades | Super Express

$100 /tape
Turnaround time:
5 business days

Grading + Subgrades | Express

$75 /tape
Turnaround time:
30 business days

Grading + Subgrades | Standard

$60 /tape
Turnaround time:
45 business days

Preservation | Super Express

$40 /tape
Turnaround time:
5 business days

Preservation | Express

$35 /tape
Turnaround time:
30 business days

Preservation | Standard

$30 /tape
Turnaround time:
45 business days

Why Choose Beckett Grading

Beckett is the most trusted name in the grading industry and has decades of experience in collectible grading. The collectible market continues to grow into new categories, and Beckett is proud to include VHS among our grading services.

  • Preservation
    The purpose of our VHS case design is to provide a great looking display piece that also provides maximum protection from the elements.
  • Authentication and Grading
    All VHS submitted for grading are researched and must pass strict authentication guidelines. Grading makes safer as well as easier to buy, sell, and trade your collectible assets. Beckett stands by all items that it grades so you can trust the authentication and the grade.
  • Value-Ad
    Beckett VHS graded tapes are readily found at Heritage Auctions, Goldin Auctions, LCG Auctions, and a variety of online marketplaces. Sales comparisons prove that authenticated and graded VHS command higher prices than ungraded VHS.
  • State-of-the-Art Protection
    Beckett VHS cases are a case within a case design that provide 6 millimeters of museum-grade acrylic. This industry-leading design provides a double layer of protection for your collectible VHS tapes.
  • Industry Reputation
    Beckett values knowledge, transparency, consistency, and accuracy in all our grading services. Beckett VHS is a continuation of the Beckett Legacy into this new category of professionally graded collectibles. We look forward to serving you.
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Out Grading Process background

Our Grading Process

Beckett VHS Grading uses a unique 1 to 10-point grading scale, with descending increments of one-fifth point for grades above 9 (i.e., 10, 9.8, 9.6, 9.4, 9.2) and one-half point for anything graded below a 9 (for example, 9, 8.5, 8, 7.5, etc.).

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Beckett Guarantee

Beckett Grading provides collectors with the finest, most thorough, consistent and accurate grading efforts available in the industry.

Comprehensive Grade

VHS are graded on four key categories: Corners, Edges, Flaps, and Gloss. Beckett Grading is the first to use this unique system which assures accuracy in grading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reconnect with the movies that have shaped us...

We believe that VHS tapes are not just movies, but tangible relics of physical media. Movies on VHS are tokens of nostalgia that are strongly tied to fond memories of the 80’s and 90’s. Today, VHS are now being collected like Sports Cards, Comics, Video Games, Tickets, and even Manga.

Film is a medium of expression that captures a snapshot in time. Film records history, culture, popular culture, art, fashion, sound, music, social movements, technology, and the human condition. We are looking into the past when we watch older movies. This time capsule of motion picture helps us better understand the past when viewed through the lens of historical context.

Beckett VHS is looking to preserve and protect culturally significant and collectible mediums for future generations.

VHS grading is a service offered to authenticate VHS tapes as well as professionally evaluate their condition. Graded and authenticated VHS submissions are then encapsulated in an acrylic case for protection and preservation.

Beckett VHS offers a wide range of services designed to cater to the needs of many collectors. Whether you’re a casual collector, a professional dealer, or a nostalgic VHS fan wanting a great display piece; our services have you covered.

10 - Gem GEM
9.8 - Gem Mint GM MT
9.6 - Mint MT
9.4 - Near Mint+ NM+
9.2 - Near Mint NM
9.0 - Near Mint- NM-
8.5 - Excellent/Near Mint EX/NM
8.0 - Excellent+ EX+
7.5 - Excellent EX
7.0 - Excellent- EX-
6.5 - Very Good/Excellent VG/EX
6.0 - Very Good+ VG+
5.5 - Very Good VG
5.0 - Very Good- VG-
4.5 - Good/Very Good G/VG
4.0 - Good+ G+
3.5 - Good G
3.0 - Good- G-
2.5 - Fair F
2.0 - Fair- F-
1.5 - Poor PR
1.0 - Poor- PR-
0.5 - Certified CERT

Beckett VHS utilizes a numeric grading scale to evaluate the box condition, like many other graded collectibles. This overall number grade is the aggregate of four subgrades. The box subgrades include the corners, edges, flaps, and gloss of a VHS box.

Any cuts, tears, holes, rubs, scuffs, indentions, soiling, debris, discoloration, bends, warps, stickers (on Pre-Viewed) and non-production condition issues are considered when assessing the box grade. There will be allowances made for imperfections of pre-1985 VHS, given the printing technology of the time.

Our grading scale ranges from 0.5 to 10; with 10 being the highest grade that a VHS box can attain.

*Please note that the term ‘box’ refers to any variety of VHS packaging including slipcover (slip), sleeve, side-loader, big box, clamshell, hard clamshell, terminal loader (top and bottom), gatefold, etc.

Our label colors signify the overall box condition range that a VHS has been graded.

Gold labels are used on VHS graded 9.0 – 10.

Silver labels are used on VHS graded 8.0 – 8.5.

Red labels are used on VHS graded 7.5 and below.

A light cleaning entails utilizing a variety of mild cleaners and solvents to gently remove any unwanted material on the factory wrap if sealed; or the VHS box if ‘Pre-Viewed.’ Many harsh solvents are utilized by collectors to make factory wrap shine. Unfortunately, these harsh solvents lessen the elasticity and integrity of the factory wrap. These harsh solvents will also create bumps, bubbles and/or waves in the factory wrap.

Any dust, dirt and/or debris that hinders the overall VHS appearance will affect the seal grade of any submission. Unfortunately, this same debris on the factory wrap may affect our ability to accurately assess the box condition underneath for grading. We at Beckett VHS recommend that all VHS have a light cleaning to maximize the condition potential and grades of any submission.


Beckett VHS utilizes a letter grading scale to evaluate the seal condition, like similarly graded collectibles. This letter grade is the aggregate of the overall condition of the factory-sealed plastic (shrink) wrap.

Any cuts, tears, holes, rubs, scuffs, indentions, soiling, debris, discoloration, warps, non-factory stickers, sticker placement, and non-production condition issues are considered when assessing the seal grade. The seal grade reflects the seal type, tightness, uniformity, clarity, texture, separation of the overlap, and/or splits in the heat seal.

There will be allowances made for seal imperfections of pre-1985 VHS, given the technology of the time. Our grading scale ranges from D to A++; with A++ with the highest grade that a VHS seal grade can attain.

Yes, any non-factory applied sticker that obstructs the overall VHS appearance may affect the seal grade. This does include rebate, coupon, and non-VHS release promotions.

Yes, a large sticker that obstructs the title and/or cover art will affect the seal grade more so than a small price sticker in the corner. The size and the location of a sticker determines the severity of points deducted from the seal grade.

The integrity of the factory wrap (or box if Pre-Viewed) is the main issue with any sticker removal. There are few obstacles in successfully removing stickers from clamshells or factory wrap. We have years of experience in sticker removal and the process utilizes a variety of solvents. These solvents lessen the sticker adhesive, and we gently remove the stickers while minimizing any stretching in the factory wrap. Our success rate is over 99% for sticker removal resulting in zero damage: including vintage sensormatic stickers.

There will likely be a change in factory wrap texture from a sticker being in place for the past 15-40 years. Fewer points are deducted for factory wrap texture from sticker removal than unsightly, non-factory stickers. *

Yes, we reserve the right to pass on sticker removal requests for any reason; based on the overall integrity of the plastic wrap. We may elect not to remove stickers if they are in proximity to seals, vent holes, or any type of factor wrap damage.

Currently, we can slab the following size VHS:
Single Tape (in standard slipcover)
Double Tape (in standard slipcover)
Trilogy Case (3 side-by-side)
-We can separate triple packs and open trilogy sets for side-by-side presentation in our Trilogy case
Clamshell (Disney style)
Hard Clamshell (Rental style)
CBS/FOX, Fox Box, 20th Century-Fox Video Big Box (Single Tape only)
MGM/UA Big Box (Single Tape only)
Warner/ WCI Big Box (Single Tape only)
Any BETA tapes released in standard VHS slipcovers (7 ½” x 4 1/8” x 1 1/16”)

We are currently unable to slab the following size VHS:
Double Tape Big Box (ex. Fox Box, MGM/UA)
Horror Big Boxes (ex. Midnight Video)
Triple Packs (3 deep, ex. Star Wars, Aliens)
Trilogy Sets (3 deep, ex. Aliens, Indiana Jones)
Multi-Pack Boxed Sets of 4 or more VHS (ex. BTTF, 007)
Deluxe Collector’s Edition Sets
Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace Collector’s Set
Titanic Collector’s Set
Any BETA in standard BETA slipcovers
Any BETA Clamshell
Any BETA Hard Clamshell (Rental style)

A VHSDNA graded VHS will have to be re-graded under the new Beckett VHS standard to receive a Beckett header card. Please note that the Beckett crossover grade may not be the same grade given by VHSDNA. Please contact with any further questions.

Yes, we charge the full submission price for non-authentic reseals submitted for grading as our expert have spent the time on authentication.

A full refund is granted for an inconclusive submission.

Yes, but the autograph must be authenticated by Beckett Authentication Services (BAS) prior to encapsulation. The BAS add-on price is a non-refundable $30 per autograph; for a pass or fail grade. A BAS refund is only granted for an inconclusive evaluation.

***We cannot encapsulate any items with a failed or inconclusive BAS evaluation; or based on a third-party authentication certification.

Yes, certification stickers can only be removed from factory-sealed plastic wrap or clamshells. We will not attempt removing third-party authentication certification stickers from paper inserts or cardstock slipcovers.

Autograph authentication is the process in which autographs are evaluated to determine if they are authentic, genuine examples of a signature or not. Beckett Authentication Services autograph experts analyze the ink, structure of the autograph and, when necessary, reference our database of exemplars to make a side-by-side comparison of the signature to give their opinion on the authenticity of the signature.

No, a VHS tape does not have to be sealed to be graded and encapsulated by Beckett VHS. We authenticate, grade, and encapsulate Complete in Box (CIB) VHS. Open VHS tapes can only be graded if the VHS tape, label, and slipcover correctly match. We notate ‘CIB’ VHS as Previously Viewed, or ‘Pre-Viewed’ for short.

Yes, we authenticate and grade just VHS tapes. Many VHS tapes have unique features, shells, tape guards, labels, stickers, and even autographs that collectors would love to showcase.

Currently, Beckett VHS can only grade and encapsulate BETA tapes released in standard VHS slipcovers (7 ½” x 4 1/8” x 1 1/16”). We are currently unable to grade and encapsulate just BETA tapes, without a slipcover or clamshell.

Currently, Beckett VHS does not grade DVD or Blu-Ray discs.

Currently, Beckett VHS primarily focuses on US NTSC VHS releases and a limited number of BETA. Stay tuned for new announcements into other potential forms of home media.

Yes, Beckett VHS does authenticate, grade, and encapsulate International and/or PAL VHS. Please reach out to prior to any international orders. We would like to make sure that we can authenticate International VHS prior to receiving.

Currently, there is no order tracking available for VHS. Please check your email for periodic status updates as your order moves through the grading and encapsulation process. Please stay tuned as Beckett VHS will incorporate a ‘pizza tracker’ style status update soon.

Please contact with any questions regarding this specific request.

No, we recommend looking at online auction websites for current sales comparisons. VHS are like other collectibles and fluctuate in value based on demand.

Unfortunately, there is no single, comprehensive source for everything VHS yet. We recommend researching your favorite titles online. We are however working on a VHS database to better inform collectors of many popular titles.

No, Beckett VHS does not buy any VHS or VHS collections.

No, Beckett VHS does not restore or digitally transfer content from VHS.

Please contact with any further questions.

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