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Beckett Grading Services

VHS Grade Pricing

Prices and times are subject to change. All prices are per tape.

$90 /tape
Turnaround time:
30 business days
$75 /tape
Turnaround time:
45 business days

Why Choose Beckett Grading

Beckett is the most trusted name in the industry for grading. For six years in a row, VHS Trade readers named Beckett Grading the “Best Grading Service” in the world. That’s because Beckett operates with integrity and knowledge—as it has for decades.

Increases Value

Grading increases the value of your VHS compared to raw VHS prices, while making your valuable assets easier to sell. We offer best value market grading that helps you get the most for your VHS.

Verifies Authenticity

As part of the grading process, Beckett authenticates your VHS.

Industry Reputation

Beckett Grading is the #1 most trusted source in collecting. We are the most-recognized name in the industry for our objective grading services.

State-of-the-Art Protection

Our crystal-clear holder and high-end label include advanced security features and archival material for maximum protection and enjoyment of your VHS. Beckett’s holders stack together for easy storage of your VHS collection.

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Our Grading Process

Beckett VHS Grading uses a unique 1 to 10-point grading scale, with descending increments of one-fifth point for grades above 9 (i.e., 10, 9.8, 9.6, 9.4, 9.2) and one-half point for anything graded below a 9 (for example, 9, 8.5, 8, 7.5, etc.).

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Updated daily, our Population Report is available at no extra charge. Cards graded by Beckett can be verified at the top of this page.

Beckett Guarantee

Beckett Grading provides collectors with the finest, most thorough, consistent and accurate grading efforts available in the industry.

Comprehensive Grade

VHS are graded on four key categories: Corners, Edges, Flaps, and Gloss. Beckett Grading is the first to use this unique system which assures accuracy in grading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reach out to for questions. Basic answer? Grade and encapsulate the ones that mean something to you.

Submit them online at or through select trade shows.

Using the Beckett VHS grading service brings an added value to your VHS as it's preserved in a state-of-the-art-case and examined by world class experts in the field. It's a great modern piece of art that can go anywhere and spark conversation at any moment.

Yes, people with a passion for film, nostalgia and collecting buy them.

Collecting ‘nostalgia’ or antiques is always hot. The difference now, the 30–50-year-old generation is looking to own a tangible piece of their childhood, and there's no better way than through one of the most universal outlets, film.

If ‘Sealed,’ it must have the original factory shrink-wrap or other factory-recognized, identifying marks. If ‘Previously Viewed (PV),’ the tape must be original to the box.

We use a 10-point grading scale specific to VHS attributes to assess the condition of a VHS.

We look at FOUR sub-grades to determine our "Overall Box Grade" Corners, Edges, Flaps (how the VHS box is built), and Gloss (surface wear/eye appeal). We use a 10-Point Grading Scale specific to VHS to calculate the Overall Grade from these sub-categories. Our ‘Seal Grade’ is calculated based on the overall condition of the shrink wrap around the sealed VHS. See our Grading Scale on for more information.

The "case within a case" design makes our case itself the ultimate security measure. You would have to hammer our case open, that in turn nullifies the designated grade.

We offer THREE different labels determined by ‘Overall Grade.’ Gold for any VHS receiving a grade of 9.0 to 10, Silver for any VHS receiving a grade of 8.5-8.0 and Red for anything below.

You can't choose the labels. They are designated by the "Overall Grade" of the VHS.

Go to and select the ‘Grade VHS’ option, then simply walk through our easy-to-use submission process. Once you're done with the online submission process, you'll be asked to box up your VHS safely and securely ship to the Beckett facility.

We don't do any type of restoration work. We are purely "form over function" service.

Email us at

Reach out to us at and we'll take care of any issues. We offer free re-casing for any damaged cases during shipping.

We'll help in any way we can to expedite the situation. Contact us at for assistance.

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