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Classy, one-of-a-kind cards that are flawless to the naked eye, beautiful in every way with 4 perfect subgrades to back it up.

Beckett Subgrades

The first and only grading company to offer full transparency of a graded card by showcasing the four key categories that make up the total grade: centering, corners, edges and surface.

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The surface of the trading card refers to the front and back of the card. The surface should be free of stains, smudges, and scratches. Any surface damage, including manufacturer print defects or ink smears, will result in a lower grade.
The edges of a trading card are another factor that is considered in grading. The edges should be crisp and free of any fraying, chipping, and dings. Cards with rough or damaged edges will receive a lower grade.
The corners of a trading card are one of the most critical factors in determining the card's grade. The card should be free of dings, creases, bends, or discoloration. Cards with these flaws will receive a lower grade.
Centering refers to the alignment of the card within its borders. A card with perfect centering has even borders on all sides. If a card is off-center, it can affect the overall appearance of the card and lower its grade.
Beckett Subgrades
Beckett Subgrades

Beckett Grading Scale

Each card is thoroughly analyzed in four key areas and assigned an overall
grade based upon the card’s individual characteristics.
The chart below contains the basic criteria for each numeric grade.

  • Centering

    50/50 all around on front. 55/45 or better on back.

  • Corners

    Perfect to the naked eye and virtually flawless under intense scrutiny.

  • Edges

    Perfect to the naked eye and virtually flawless under intense scrutiny.

  • Surface

    No print spots. Flawless color, devoid of registration or focus imperfections. Devoid of scratches and metallic print lines.

Half-Point Grades

Please note that Beckett Grading Services provides final grades in half-point increments (i.e., 10, 9.5, 9, 8.5 etc.). Cards that are assigned a grade with a half-point increment typically share characteristics from both the level above and the level below the actual grade given.

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