What is Manga Grading

Manga grading is the process of judging the condition and authenticity of manga publications, from Dragon Ball Z and One Piece to Demon Slayer and beyond. The grading process examines physical characteristics of each volume to determine the appropriate grade for the condition of your manga. This results in a numerical grade and a page quality assessment that is indicated on the label.

Custom Label Artwork

We didn’t want to limit the collector to just one or two labels based on grading criteria. We wanted to open up the possibities for your collectibles to really stand out wherever you present them. We designed 6 unique label options for you to choose from.

Why Grade Manga

Why Grade Manga

Condition affects the value of any collectible, manga is no different. As manga enthusiasts we are passionate about offering our grading expertise to provide a 3rd party, unbiased declaration of a product’s condition. We believe that there has been an unjust absence of this service to the manga collecting community, and would like to offer a solution.

Submit Manga for Grading

Manga Slab Holder

Showcases the book accompanied by your choice of 6 premium labels with custom artwork.
Easy identification of numerical grades.
Title, publisher, and book details appear on the front of the label, along with the foil logo.
Sealed in a PETG holder that helps keep books protected. PETG is an inert material so you won't have to worry about it affecting page quality.
Sonically sealed in a hard plastic case that both protects and displays very well.

Ready to submit your Manga?

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